Engagement Party Invitations

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My friend Lizzy came over for lunch today. I was at home, emailing, writing and waiting for a sourdough loaf to rise and then to bake. We sat and had lunch, what I like to think of as a Belfast meal; a simple combination of homemade soup, warm bread and cheese. It was the meal we had every supper time visiting Belfast, and although not as exciting as afternoon tea with toasted scones and raspberry jam or lunches with fish and fluffy Irish potatoes, it was simple, satisfying and actually the best meal of the day.

I met Lizzy when she arrived to move in to a big drafty house in Limehouse, London when we were students, and, apart from a couple of years here and there and until I moved, have lived together since. Living with Lizzy meant semi-living with her fellow Ryan too. They are chefs of big tasty meals, they are introducers of music and trekkers and outdoor experiencers and indulgers in the best whiskeys, wines and ales they can get their hands on, in the best possible enjoyable way.

After a mountainous trek in Nepal recently, they returned ruffled, grubby, smiling and engaged. Ryan upped the ante on proposal stories by popping the question high up on a Nepalese mountain range. To celebrate this momentous occasion they are having an engagement party, and to truly celebrate, they decided to send out proper invitations.  And I was the happy designer.

The invitation is folded into three, with their names on the front, and the story of their proposal unfolding, with the details below.

Congratulations Lizzy and Ryan!


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