Paper Rose Weddings

Good morning everyone. It’s another morning when the sun is creeping up and the sky is cloudless. It looks like a beautiful day, but the news coming through the radio this morning is chilling. The fourth night of rioting has just passed, and violence has spread to the Midlands and North. Happily, the clean up operations by locals are spreading too.

It’s a difficult situation to respond to, and I am not equipped to theorise on the best way to do so. It is important to mark the moment, and beyond the perpetrators, to think of those who have lost lives, homes and business.

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On an entirely different note, this post is to introduce my new wedding range. Those of you I met at Vintage 2011 or markets recently might have seen me clasping a bouquet of paper roses.  I have been selling garlands of them or small hair clips of roses for a while now; I got some gratifiyingly enthusiastic squeals of excitement when people spotted them on market stalls. I took that as a hint.

I also made myself a few to wear at a wedding a couple of months ago.  I decided it might be nice to share the love a little.

Paper rose bouquets, corsages and button holes, or table decorations are all now available to order. Paper Roses can be varied, made with a whole range of vintage paper, or with solely map or music papers. I am also waiting impatiently for an order of fascinator supplies so I can start making a whole range of them too this week – photos of those to follow.


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