Paper Rose Fascinators

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Wedding season has definitely hit. I haven’t had much a wedding season this year, apart from obviously the wedding of the century, but friends, housemates and family seem to be gallivanting all over the countryside in hats and shiny shoes, ready to drink, smile and sing hymns on cue, get merrily drunk and find themselves in a middle of a field, miles from their hotel. Glorious.

Also attending a wedding this weekend was the lovely Hannah. We work in the same studio space, each, and many others, squirreling away individually at our desks, only temporarily distracted by the dog from downstairs wandering up or making cups of tea. (That sentence rather sounds like the dog was making tea doesn’t it? I shall keep it for that very reason). Hannah’s currently out of the studio, in rehearsals for a play that is previewing in London this weekend and will go on to Edinburgh. You should check it out.

During one of those distracted from work moments, Hannah spied my new product in development – paper rose fascinators. She, it’s fair to say, pounced. I spent last week making several different types of hairpieces- grips, fascinators, hair bands and clips. Some of those went to Diamond Dolls, and some went back to the studio, for Hannah to look through and choose. She chose a fascinator made with book and map, not completely covered with roses, but with some paper at the front, and she wore it beautifully. I was very chuffed to see  it packed off (in a tea box unusually), and to it’s first wedding outing.  It’s like thinking about my cards; I sit at my desk making them, falling in love with a particular few. I get excited when they’re sold, and that’s even before I’ve thought about the fact that someone is going to receive them. The cards will be in people’s houses, on their mantlepieces, in their piles of paper and tucked into books.


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