Mail Art

Mail Art could have been invented for me – paper, paint, collecting little items together and exciting surprise post on the doormat. A perfect combination.  It’s one of those things you’re excited to discover – like a perfect place to drink tea or a band everyone else appears to have heard of – but that you’re a little disappointed about, because it’s been going on all this time, and you’ve only just found out about it.

I owe that discovery and my first piece of mail art to the lovely Katie of As Petals Fall. As a twitter follower, I spied her call for mail art partners; someone to send lovely packages of handmade goods and lovely papers to, and to receive packages from in return. I signed up straight away, and a little time later, received a lovely mail art package.

She sent me  a lovely piece from a vintage magazine book,  some fabric flower cut outs and some fabric stars, sewn with book pages in the centre and text just visible through the fabric, some ribbon and a felt heart.  A pile of loveliness, eh? I mentioned to Katie that I have a craft project in mind for the ribbon and heart. Which I do. It just quite hasn’t come to fruition yet – card making and paper goods are taking up my time at the moment, in the loveliest way possible. I’m really busy making a stock pile of stock – I’m doing three markets next weekend. It would be really good if you could make it along. Have a look at the Find Moll and Mostin section for exact details, but I’m in Stoke Newington and the Mile End Fair.

In return for the envelope from Katie, I sent a bundle of goods.

I had originally intended to paint and collage together an envelope, inspired by this beautiful collection by famous illustrators. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, when I gathered together the hair piece, cutting from a 1920’s magazine, bookmark, little paintings, fabrics and outsize button, there was no possibility of  fitting them in an envelope. And being the type of person I am, I took this as an excuse to cover a box in some vintage paper and ribbon and send it along too.

Not to ruin the mail art surprise element for Katie, but next time I definitely want to make an exciting envelope.

It will have to be good though as Katie’s second mail art package was equally exciting. This time, on return from holiday, I found an envelope made of map, my address in a circle of paper and written by a typewriter. She typed me a letter too. I am now salivating at the thought of a typewriter, although I have vague memories that my relationship with typewriters tends to be similar to that of sewing machines – thorny . According to Katie, her typewriter takes paper up to A3 size. Any surprise that I nearly imploded with jealousy?  A typewriter that takes A3 paper is sitting firmly at the top of my list of desire.  It’s a changeable list though, so it probably won’t reign long.

She sent me a lovely line drawn illustration of an owl, a brown paper luggage label, printed and illustrated, stamps, tea, a printed key and a little garland of paper map circles and the beautiful botanical picture below.

I’ve just moved into a new office space, which is very exciting. When I’m organised and decorated, I will take some photos and give some details. But certainly, the map garland and botanical picture will take pride of place around my desk.

If you fancy a mail art exchange, comment here or email me at mollandmostin at gmail dot com.


2 thoughts on “Mail Art

  1. Ahhh so glad you liked my mail art! Cant wait for your next reply. Really hope you find an A3 typewritter! Mine is an Imperial and funnily enough I saw another imperial in a shop display which was A1 size just yesterday… Can you imagine!!

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