Wedding Craftacular

It seems best to start this little ode to wedding craft, and one wedding in particular, with a special mention of Drink, Shop & Do. This is lovely gem of a place and just the type of place I’d love to spend all my time – drinking tea and then cocktails, making, crafting and being joyfully rubbish at board games. I should mention a certain bias – they are now stocking my cards, gift boxes and bookmarks. Even if they weren’t, I would be fondly singing its praises and pinpointing it as the beginning of the wedding craftacular. (Beware blatant plug) – If you do want a lovely handmade vintage card, box or bookmark within two minutes of King’s Cross though, you now know where to go – ignore bland station stationers! (Blantant plug over).

As part of Big Sis’s  Hen Party, we spent the afternoon feverishly sewing bunting. While other hen parties around London pranced about in fancy dress latex and main-lined sambuca, this lovely group of ladies sat completely absorbed in making bunting, concentration coming off us in waves. The gorgeous fabics and technical support were provided by Make Do Mend, who were lovely and also wrote a blog about it.

On and off for the following weeks, sometimes at markets, I made a few more bunting triangles, which were then added to at a big fat crafting weekend a few weeks ago – apparently a couple of very rich people got married that weekend and it was on telly a bit. Missed the coverage myself I’m afraid.

I have never got along with sewing machines. They dislike me and I them. I think they can smell my fear. They let me slowly gain in confidence, speed up, become complacent, and then jam or stop for inexplicable reasons. Or reasons that are inexplicable to me – that’s probably the key. Luckily I was able to negotiate a truce for just long enough to sew another twenty-five bunting triangles together.  By happy accident, the resulting bunting was just the right length to go around the circular tent. What a lovely tent, don’t you think? Particularly enjoyed the sheepskin bench covers.

Other wedding craft tasks included a few signs – the lovely lunch menu, the order of the day and a sign for the road, to entice the lovely guests in.

Do you like my painting outfit? I could tell you were admiring it.  They are in fact pyjamas – a present all the way from Colombia. As with garment presents, it was necessary to put them on immediately, even mid-paint, to take full advantage.

We were going to use traditional chalk boards for the menu, and then we were going to paint some board with blackboard paint. There was also the suggestion of a chalk board style poster. But on an expedition to Atlantis we got our hands on some black foam board, and that was decided. Light and easy to paint, a range of sizes and all the appearance of a chalk board. Who could ask for more? Plus the special bonus of watching people move them – expecting something very heavy and solid, and moving something extremely light; a surprised look classic.

They are less solid than real board though, so a bit of glue and string therapy was needed to secure them in place.

During the big fat crafting weekend, we also painted letters and pegs for a special ‘Make Your Own Message’ line.

I was hoping for increasingly rude or bizarre messages during the day, evening and night, depending on the rate of alcohol consumption, but a bit of wind, a bit of rain and the excellent tunes of The Syndics kept most people inside.

Before the trip from London, this box was in a bit better shape, but it held up. The little letters are on lovely green ribbon, used in lots of other things, including and bride’s hair and the box is decorated with paper flowers. Just behind it you can spy one of windmills, made from patterned origami paper. I wore some paper flowers, in my hair and as a corsage.

I’m also going to be developing some more wedding wear – paper flower bouquets, corsage and button holes, very soon, so keep an eye out for that. I’ll blog and tell you all about it.

A lovely time was had by all – perched up in a house on a hill in the Welsh Boarders with lovely views.

Plus I had the pleasure of a couple of exciting orders and returning home to some mail art from the lovely Katie Whittington aka As Petals Fall. I’ll tell you all about both of those happenings as soon as I have a mo.  I’m very excited about compiling mail art to post back, but I can’t tell you all my plans until Katie has received her envelope – surprises need to be kept secret, until the big glorious moment of reveal.


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