Femmes d’Aujourd’hui – Vintage Inspiration

It’s probably a bit of a wobbly business model, to make things out of materials that can prove to be elusive. You go to one market, one second hand book shop, one car boot sale just once, and find a stack of 1950’s magazines; enough to make you squeal out loud a little too loudly. This somewhat dampens the effacy of your ‘I could walk away at any moment’ haggling stance, but is exciting nonetheless. But you go back, relying on the stall in the corner that always has them, or just the sheer size and capacity of the book stacks, only to find there are none. No 1950’s Hobbies magazine with pull-out instructions, no 1920’s classic The Looker-On. Even more disappointingly, some of the loveliest sales or shops disappear, like the excellently named Wills Moddy Jumble Sale at St Aloysius Social Club  which will be sadly missed.

Since I’ve been making more and more cards, I’ve learnt to grab onto a stack of magazines when I find them. This was why my trip to the Spitalfield’s Antiques Market on Thursday was so very exciting. I love the Thursday market, and recommend it entirely. There are always piles of crockery, furniture, tins and objects that I spend my time, fruitlessly, trying to justify buying.  There are also reliable stalls; the stack of pages and maps pulled from books; the postcards and photographs long disregarded, that I use to make flowers and cards. I haven’t ever been able to find a good stack of magazines, until last week. I found a stall piled high with French antiques, including policemen’s hats, glassware, and, almost under the table, a pile of 1950’s Femmes d’Aujourd’hui magazines. After so long looking at English women’s magazines of the era, I don’t even need to be able to read French (which is lucky, as I can’t) to work out what the articles are about.

They are exactly the same – what to feed your children; how to entertain your husband’s boss and his wife; how to set your hair and epilate your legs; how to cinch in your waist and make your food go further. Sounds familiar, eh Good Housekeeping?

I have spent the day making cards with some of the images.  I just brought them downstairs and out to the garden to take some photos. How do you like our table cloth? As it has all day, rain felt imminent, so the photos aren’t very considered, but can you see how lovely the images are.

I also bought a cowboy annual, ready to make Father’s Day cards – don’t panic, it’s a few weeks away yet. I will have a special Father’s Day selection ready though – ready for selling and sending.


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